Joanne Anderson Reisberg


I’ve written quite a few articles and games for magazines. I thought I’d share a few of them with you on my website (with my publishers’ permission, of course!).
Appleseeds Sacred Places
For Appleseeds magazine, which is a Cobblestone Publication, I wrote a story on the mysterious structure at Tulum.
The Ancient City of Tulum
For Spider magazine, which is a Carus Publication, three tongue-twisters provided a bit of humor near the end of the magazine.
Tongue Twisters
Hopscotch for Girls
Hopscotch Tap-Tap-Tap
"Tap-Tap-Tap" is a mystery short story I wrote, which Hopscotch for Girls, June/July 2003
From Children's Playmate, April/May 1997, by Children's Better Health Institute, Benjamin Franklin Literary & Medical Society, Inc., Indianapolis, Indiana. Used by permission.
"Emily Catches the Wind"