Joanne Anderson Reisberg

What’s Behind the Mighty Fitz?

published by North Star Press of St. Cloud
ISBN 9780878397570

When Lucas Sanchez fails to catch a Frisbee as it crashes into the oil painting of the Edmund Fitzgerald, he is stunned as part of a green eye stares back. He remembers a CNN report of an art heist and wonders, What’s Behind the Mighty Fitz? The Edmund Fitzgerald, a huge freighter that mysteriously sank in 1975 during an unbelievable storm in Lake Superior, is at the center of this action/adventure novel.


What’s Behind the Mighty Fitz? is a thoroughly engaging and enjoyable book. Fitz will appeal to boys and girls alike. Mystery lovers will enjoy the twists and turns of the story and will hope that Lucas and his friends solve even more mysteries.  

—Kim Schafer, third grade teacher

Middle school children will find this book stimulating and exciting as they follow the adventures of a clever fifth grader. Lucas makes it cool to be smart as he uses his knowledge of art to conduct a secret investigation into stolen artwork. Joanne Reisberg has created another enchanting children’s book.

—Stephanie Linstrom, middle school teacher

I was hooked along with Lucas from the beginning! I loved how What’s Behind the Mighty Fitz? immersed me in its mystery. I had to find out the secret of the paintings. Kids will love connecting the clues along with Lucas to find out what truly is behind the mighty Fitz!  

—Sarah Gleason, Intermediate Reading Interventionist