Joanne Anderson Reisberg
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I'm so glad you've come to learn more about my books, magazine articles, and a little about me.

What's Behind the Mighty Fitz? is an exciting tale of adventure, suspense, the tragedy of the sinking of the Edmund Fitzgerald, and a decades-old art heist. Lucas Sanchez and his fifth-grade friends dive into the mystery surrounding a painting behind a painting, determined to discover the truth.

In There's a Ghost in My Mirror, my new e-book, an unexpected guest appears in Zoey's new mirror.

In Escape to the New World, Carlos Diaz is held at sword point, survives a storm on the high seas, and battles a French Corsair.

In Tuesday...A Lucky Day for Luis, Luis finds an abandoned dog he names Tuesday and creates a scary plan to convince his mother that Tuesday is truly Guard-Dog-Material.

In Webster's Coming Home Today, Cooper can't wait to pick up his dog, and best friend, Webster, at the K-9 Kennel. But something tells him they've given him the wrong dog.

Zachary Zormer, Shape Transformer, can double the length of a strip of paper without cutting it. This sultan of shapes challenges his class to change the perimeters of a sheet of paper and walk through it.

My book about the Civil War and a drummer boy for the First Minnesota Regiment, Save the Colors: a Civil War Battle Cry, is a favorite with children who like to read active stories about history.

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